2022:2023 Worshipful Master

Picture of Paul - 2022/2023 Worshipful Master of Seaford Lodge
Paul Barber

Born 22nd December 1958 in Hammersmith London to Jim and Ann Barber. My father came from Notting Hill. Unlike now this was a very working class area then later popularized by the film and gentrified. My mother grew up around Bayswater and Kensington.

My early life was mostly spent around Fulham and Chelsea. We moved to Greenwich for a short period (1966) but then back to Fulham.

About this time I went to my first football game at Fulham. Most of my family supported Chelsea, but my Grandfather took me to Fulham and hence I've been a lifelong Fan.

I passed my 11+ in 1969; and due to my parents divorcing, we moved to Battersea.

I attended Sir Walter St Johns School (known as Sinjuns) and was there until 1975.

I met Maggie in 1978 at a friends Engagement party. Shortly after that we were married at Wandsworth Town Hall.

My daughter Shelley arrived in 1981, followed by my two sons Martin and James.

I initially worked with my Grandfather as a painter and decorator, but then joined BT as an apprentice. Served my time and progressed to a “Technical Officer”. Worked in the telephone exchanges for most of this time but transferred to fibre optic planning.

Was successful at promotion board and managed a planning group for a few years. Applied and was successful for a second line manager post with Cellnet ( later known as O2).

About this time Early Voluntary Retirement offers were becoming very tempting, and I eventually made the decision to leave.

I retrained as a plumber and gas engineer. Passed gas qualifications and joined CORGI (later GASSAFE). Worked for myself till now.

Always had an interest in freemasonry probably brought about by tales of my Grandfather and Great Grandfather being in the Craft. Old photographs of my Great Grandfather in regalia complete with chains of office piqued my curiosity.

I belonged to a private club and met a freemason socially. After conversations with him I was proposed and eventually joined Stormont Lodge 4146 in 2009.

I later moved to Seaford in East Sussex realizing that our old house was too big for just Maggie and myself after the children had left home.

I remained a member of Stormont but found attending LOI's in North London too much of a burden.

After a days work and then an LOI, I would get home well after midnight. This was unfortunately not sustainable.

Eventually resigned and joined Seaford Lodge in Sussex in 2015.