Seaford Lodge number 2907 was consecrated on the 11th April 1902, at the Queens Hall, Seaford by V.W Bro The Rev. E.R Currie, Past Grand Chaplain, The Dean of Battle.

W.Bro Phillip Stirling Lee was the first Worshipful Master with 20 other founders making up the Officers and Brethren of the new Lodge.
A banquet at the Bay Hotel followed which was the meeting place for Seaford Lodge for the next 2 years.

Founder Members of Seaford Lodge No. 2907

William Court Gully Speaker, House of Commons (Northern Bar Lodge No. 1610)
F.M. Hurting – Insurance Broker (Royal Somerset Lodge No. 4)
Thomas Wakley Jnr – Medical Doctor (Cheselden Lodge No. 2870)
F.C. Herbert – Gentleman (Strong Man Lodge No. 45)
Walter Gates – Major, lst Sussex R.E. (Vols) (Pelham Lodge No. 1303)
Philip S. Lee – Surveyor (Pelham Lodge No. 1303)
J. Ernest Lane – Surgeon (Royal Hampton Court Lodge No. 2183)
Frederick H. Gervis – Surgeon (Hampstead Lodge No. 2408)
William Pringle Mogan – Surgeon (South Saxon Lodge No. 311)
Albert Pierce Hadlow – Proprietor, Wellington Hotel (South Saxon Lodge No. 311)
Lachlan Cameron – Pharmaceutical Chemist (South Saxon Lodge No. 311)
Charles Berkeley Gervis – Surgeon (Hampstead Lodge No. 2408)
G. Kinsy Meares – C.E. (Lion Lodge No. 312)
J. F. Plaister – Gentleman (South Saxon Lodge No. 311)
C.S. Murray – Surgeon (Sancta Maria Lodge No. 2682)
William Cooper – Architect & Surveyor (Derwent Lodge No. 40)
William Henry Horsley – Barrister (Chancery Bar Lodge No. 2456)
T. Stirling Jnr – Merchant (Guildhall School of Music Lodge No. 2454)
Lewis Thomas Crook – Major, Honourable Artillery Company (Fitzroy Lodge No. 569)
J. W Stedman – Proprietor, Star Hotel, Alfriston (South Saxon Lodge No. 311)
Albert Stone – Brewer (South Saxon Lodge No. 311)

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Seaford Lodge No. 2907 Officers 1902-1903

Worshipful Master W Bro. P.S. Lee
Senior Warden W Bro. F.C. Herbert
Junior Warden W Bro. F.M. Hartung
Treasurer Bro. L. Cameron
Secretary Bro. C.B. Gervis
Senior Deacon Bro. J. F. Plaister
Junior Deacon Bro. W.P. Morgan
Director of Ceremonies Bro. C.S. Murray
Inner Guard Bro. P. Stirling Jnr.
Senior Steward Bro. S. Stone
Junior Steward Bro. G.K. Meares
Tyler Bro. E. E. Foster

Seaford Lodge was an immediate success and due to the large number of members, meetings were transferred from the Bay Hotel in 1904 to the larger Simmons Institute in Crouch Lane. The building had been opened on 27th May 1899 by Henry Simmons, one of the last Bailiffs (Mayors) of Seaford. The Simmons Institute was an early ‘Community Hall’ but has since been converted into private apartments. Over the next 100 years Seaford Lodge met in a number of locations around the town before finally moving to the purpose built Masonic centre in Peacehaven, Jerrom Hall, in 1975 where it still meets today. Over the years Seaford Lodge has had many interesting, notable and high ranking Freemasons within its membership. See notable members for details of some of these. Lodge membership rose to a peak in 1967 of 94 members, a position that went on to spawn a daughter Lodge, Seven Sisters in 1973. In 2015 Seaford Lodge were the sponsoring Lodge for Seven Sisters Past Masters Lodge also meeting at Jerrom Hall, Peacehaven.
Seaford Lodge membership now sits at a healthy 55.

It is interesting to note the very special relationship Seaford Lodge has with the Seaford Lodge No.720, Grand Lodge of Victoria, Australia. Since 1969 there are many example of Brotherly love extending across the globe and we hope this continues for many years to come.

In 2002, Seaford Lodge commemorated its Centenary with a meeting and banquet attended by a Provincial team led by the Provincial Grand Master R.W Bro. Ian Homan-Lay. A Lodge History was produced to mark the occasion which contains many anecdotes and details of how the life of Seaford Masonic Lodge has been so entwined with the town of Seaford.